Keep seniors safe this summer

With an increase of eight per cent in robberies throughout the country and recent assaults against the elderly, Home Instead Senior Care in Galway is encouraging older people to stay safe and make their home more secure.

“The majority of older people wish to maintain their independence and live in their own home for as long as possible, so it is important that we come together as a community and take particular care to look out for older people and take security measures to help people stay safe,” said Colman Gately of Home Instead Senior Care in Parkmore, Galway.

To help keep seniors safe, Home Instead Senior Care encourages older people to take the following steps and make their homes more secure:

• Keep front and back doors locked at all times, even if you are at home. Windows should also be locked.

• Do not open the door to strangers. If a repair or sales person arrives to the home do not let them in without calling their company to verify their identity.

• Keep your house lit at night. This shows signs of life and activity, a darkened home night after night gives burglars the impression that the house is vacant.

• Do not leave a spare key outdoors. Do not hide your key outside under a doormat, a flowerpot, or any place that may be easily uncovered by a burglar.

• Call the gardaí if you come home and find a door or window opened. Do not enter the house if there are signs of forced entry.

For further information on Home Instead Senior Care log on to or call 1890 930 013.



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