Gold Rush — seminar on gold market in Ballybane Enterprise Centre

A free seminar on the gold market will be held in Ballybane Enterprise Centre on Wednesday July 20. Presented by Greg Heaslip of Solid Gold Financial, this seminar will be of interest to existing and potential investors in the gold market. Commencing at 6.30pm the seminar will offer an introduction to the gold market and provide an overview of the relationship of gold to the world financial system.

“Few people understand the mechanisms that drive the gold price and the long relationship that it has with the global financial system", says Dr Heaslip who has been researching the gold market for a new book that is to be published in October.

"The global financial system broke its link to gold in 1971 when the Bretton Woods Agreement was abruptly abandoned and, since then, has had to rely on the confidence of citizens in order to operate. This confidence is beginning to wane due to enormous private debt levels globally, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and money printing in the US. This, coupled with the rising global middle class, is pushing demand for hard assets, such as gold and silver.”

Attendees at next week’s seminar will go away with all the information they need to start researching the gold market. In addition they will also learn about key gold concepts such as paper versus physical gold, allocated versus unallocated storage, gold ETF's, physical premiums, storage charges, and numismatics.

The presentation will also explain what has been driving the price of gold for the past 10 years and what may push the price even higher in the coming years. Attendees will be able to openly discuss the issues brought up during a questions and answers session at the end of the presentation.

"Gold acts as an insurance policy to cover financial and fiscal mismanagement like we are currently seeing across Western economies. It is prudent for everyone to convert at least some of their liquid assets to precious metals to protect themselves from a devaluing euro and in a worst case scenario: the complete demise of the euro. However there are many pitfalls when it comes to getting into the gold market - many of which will be addressed on the night,” concluded Dr Heaslip.

Places can be reserved by contacting Liam or Tomas in Ballybane Enterprise Centre on 091 386004. Places are strictly limited so early registration is advisable.



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