Community Picnic to hold referendum on EU/IMF bailout

The first Galway Community Picnic will take place this Saturday at 2pm to coincide with the visit of the IMF, EU and ECB to Ireland. The picnic is open to all and will have an inclusive and family friendly atmosphere with activities and entertainment for adults and children.

There will be music, face painting, a cake and second-hand book sale, a slogan factory, the Galway Forum video bank, and open discussions on the economy with Dr Andy Storey and Dr Conor McCabe.

A major part of the picnic will be the ‘people’s referendum’ on the bank debt the Irish public is being forced to pay.

The referendum will ask people whether they believe Ireland should repay the debts of bondholders and professional gamblers, or whether that money would be better spent on education, healthcare, jobs, and meeting the requirements of people with special needs.

Creid, the group behind the picnic, is hoping the event will allow people to gain a better understanding of the economic situation facing citizens in Ireland and across Europe.

“For too long we’ve been hearing vague and repetitive explanations for the recession and debt crisis,” said Creid member Conor Mc Guinness, “but there has been a failure to properly and fully explain the situation in language that we can all understand.”

For more information email [email protected]. Anyone wishing to volunteer for the event should contact Conor on 087 - 9345603.


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