See the art unfold at 126

Nine artists over nine consecutive days will create, destroy, and re-arrange artworks in 126, and the public will be able to see it unfold on-line and in the gallery.

This is 14 - 5 = 126, the new exhibition from the 126 gallery in Queen Street, which will have an opening reception on Monday at 7pm and run until the closing reception on Thursday July 21 at 7pm.

Over the course of nine days, nine artists (local, national and international ), will work consecutively in the space from 6pm, until opening time, 1pm of the following day.

During that time the artist can use the gallery, including the floor, wall and ceiling, to his/her maximum ability to create whatever kind of work s/he likes. Then from 1pm to 6pm the public can enter and view the work.

Once the gallery closes to the public at 6pm, the next artist will enter the space and continue the process. Each artist will follow the steps made by the first artist. They may erase parts or the whole work, critique it, enhance it, react to the work or decide not to react at all.

The public can go in and view the work each evening. They can also follow what the artist is doing in the gallery from 6pm to 1pm on-line. These recordings will be edited down into a documentary and screened in the gallery.

Participating artists are Alwyn Revill, Joe Nix, Alan Butler, Louise Manifold, David Beattie, Stefan Johansson, Jonathan Sammon, Karolin Reichardt and Maurits van Putten.

The exhibition it part of the Galway Arts Festival. See also



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