A future vision for stroke rehab

A new concept in stroke rehab has been created by two local chartered physiotherapists, Karen Roberts and Daniel Szoska, who share 30 years’ experience in delivering neurological rehabilitation.

Roberts and Szoska have had great success in using the proven Bobath/neural development training (NDT ) conceptual approach to treating those with stroke. The approach is based on our ability to re-learn old and incorporate new surrounding information. Our capacity to learn, to facilitate useable function and get rid of unwanted function, is called plasticity and is an important aspect of our development. The greater our plasticity, the more successful our rehabilitation.

The Bobath concept has been around since the seventies and is based on years of previous research which strove to understand the complex functions of our nervous system and how we learn information to allow us to function in a normal way. Berta and Karel Bobath, who developed the concept, recognised the central nervous system as an organ of reaction rather than action. Through keen observation and the introduction of repetitive and tactile stimulus to the body they were able to assist their clients to recall earlier learned information and to use current information from their immediate environment to reproduce normal movement which had been interrupted or destroyed by stroke.

Roberts and Szoska will be offering Bobath/NDT specific rehabilitation in a cost-effective group setting. On offer will be stroke education, open discussion and problem solving, function based exercises and movement training, and the opportunity to work one on one with the physiotherapists within the classes. The 12-week module will consist of one-hour classes and will be held on Fridays on the west side of city and on Saturdays on the east side. Spaces are limited to 10 per class. Contact Karen Roberts at (087 ) 2103257 for more information or to book a place in the class.



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