Peanut butter is good for you

I have read many articles expounding the benefits of peanut butter; an ounce will give you 10 per cent of your daily folic acid requirements, it has a low glycemic index (ie, it releases its energy slowly in to your body ), it is good for keeping blood pressure low, it has got high protein levels, and generally a good all around food. Most of the brands I have seen are from multinationals but recently I spotted one in Enjoy delicatessen in Moycullen called Glór. It is made by hand in Killarney, the nuts are roasted then ground by hand, and depending on whether you have the plain one, a chocolate chip, or the peanut butter and honey, these are the only additions — no stabilisers or additives. A jar of the peanut butter with chocolate chip disappeared very quickly in my house and the fact that it is Irish made makes it a no-brainer, especially as a quick-to-prepare snack for active kids.



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