Eyeshadow is having a moment

Notes for the season

Having watched some of the best make-up artists in Brown Thomas work for years, when it comes to eyeshadow, the mantra is always the same: blend, blend, blend. Start off by covering the eye area with a good primer, such as MAC’s painterly, the closest to human skin colour you will ever find. This covers all the imperfections and gives the shadow something to stick to. If you have oily lids you will love this product. Then, using a good brush (I like MAC 217 ) swirl the make-up around, tap the excess off, and then really work that brush so that no hard lines are visible. Remember not to use the darkest colour too close to the brow bone, unless you are in drag. Then not only is it OK, but appropriate.

I adore looking at someone getting a makeover in the cosmetic hall, and I particularly adore a bit of theatre from the make-up artists themselves (you know who you are ). That vigorous tap of the brush, that serious expression as they assess their canvas, I mean face, all adds to the drama, all the while ad-libbing a few helpful tips while smoothing and correcting and polishing, adeptly making the asymmetrical symmetrical.

Some of the most irresistible shadows currently available in the cosmetics hall are:

Dior Lift: five intense colours for every skin tone, these shadows are serum based, so blend and smooth like magic. Added bonus — the compact looks like a work of art deco, perfect for on-the-spot glamorous touch-ups.

The Chanel spring summer palette, called Lillium, was inspired by nature and you will believe that when you see it. Beautiful greens and soft pinks, they represent the essence of spring flowers. For cool and warm tones.

MAC: the Big Bounce. These liquid shadows turn to powder when applied and come in an impressive array of colours for every woman. They promise to stay put for hours of wear, and you can build intensity as you see fit. They have the most refreshing cooling sensation on the lids as well. Romero Jennings, senior artist at MAC, loves this product and says that it “wears well, even in extreme weather conditions”. Don’t you just love that? It conjures up an image of a pioneer girl, blazing her trail, safe in the knowledge that, if nothing else, at least she does not have to worry about her eyeshadow letting her down.

Benefit: Smokin’ Eye. This little kit gives you everything you need to create the perfect smokey eye; included is Benefit’s iconic brow zing to shape the eyebrows, and the shadows needed to create your light medium or dark smokey look, from soft and natural to bold and dramatic.

Clinique’s Plum Seduction is absolutely gorgeous. Hunting one day for my favourite all time best lipstick shade in the whole world — black honey by Clinique — I came across this palette. It comes with four shades, two purple and two grey-silver.



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