Support Cuckoo Savante’s new album

CUCKOO SAVANTE have brought a wonderful touch of cabaret and black romanticism to the Galway music scene and now local music fans can help the band record their next album.

Cuckoo Savante have the 12 songs for their new album Lovely Lily Bright, written, arranged, and ready to record, but they need the help of the public. Lovely Lily Bright is a concept album based around the real murder of a young woman in Dublin in 1925.

So far the band have raised €2,340 - or 36 per cent of the funds towards recording costs. Galway fans of the band can help by making a donation through and typing Cuckoo Savante into the ‘browse projects’ box.

The deadline for donations is Tuesday June 28. The options to fund are clearly laid out, from €5 to €250, with each funding option granting the donor different rewards and privileges.


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