Kitten shoved through GSPCA letterbox

GSPCA volunteers were shocked this week when they found a kitten had been shoved through the letterbox of the charity’s city centre shop.

Staff assumed the post had arrived when they heard the letterbox rattle at around 9.45am on Monday, but instead of letters they found a live kitten on the mat. The animal, who is about four weeks old, was ill with suspected cat flu.

This is the latest in a line of incidents involving pet owners disposing of or neglecting their animals. A spokesperson for the GSPCA has called on irresponsible pet owners to “stop this madness” in the wake of the incident. “Please work with us,” the spokesperson appealed to pet owners. “It takes time but we can help you. Don’t do something like this, or dumping on the side of the road. These actions are evil and put innocent lives at risk.”

The group has also called on pet owners to have their animals neutered in order to prevent the problem of what to do with unwanted puppies and kittens.

“Last weekend up until today Monday we have had this kitten along with six found dumped, a beautiful tri-coloured collie dumped in a wood, three collies tied 24/seven, one collie found near death as its owner did not look after it, and we could keep going,” the spokesperson revealed. “This is animal abuse plain and simple, and it’s time people were made pay for their deeds. Please contact us if you know of someone dumping unwanted kittens and puppies, dogs or cats.”

The kitten, meanwhile, is recovering from her ordeal and is receiving medical treatment. She has been named Patty, after Postman Pat.



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