New music from Jimmy Monaghan

JIMMY MONAGHAN has impressed many Galway audiences these last couple of years with his sparse and lyrical songs which straddle both folk and alternative rock.

Jimmy is lead singer and songwriter with the duo Music For Dead Birds, which has released two EPs - And Then It Rained For Seven Days and Black Tides Falling. The band are currently working on a new album, which is planned for an August release.

Music For Dead Birds’ sound is based around the guitar and drums, but as a stopgap before the forthcoming album, Jimmy has released a solo EP which reveals a different side to his music.

The EP, Conflicts At The Sermon, is released under Jimmy’s Gaelic name Seamus Ó Muineachain and features three instrumental tracks played on piano. The pieces are minimalist, but melodic and very much in the vein of ‘mood music’ and film soundtracks. It is delicate and sometimes beautiful and worth checking out.

The EP can be listened to and downloaded at



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