Summertime — enjoy sun, sea, and speaking French

The brilliant sunshine we have been enjoying in recent weeks cannot be guaranteed, but one thing that is certain this summer is that there is a great opportunity to brush up and practise your French at a range of classes on offer at the French Institute in the Bridge Mills.

Starting on May 23, the institute is running five-week intensive courses for adults with three hours’ tuition spread over two days a week. You can choose either morning or evening classes and the institute offers beginners, improvers, intermediate, or advanced level so you can select whichever level you feel most comfortable with to improve and practise your French, whether or not you are holidaying in France this year. The atmosphere at the Bridge Mills is relaxed and the qualified teachers are all experienced native French professionals.

Secondary school students are also catered for at the French Institute. There are intensive courses which run over a week in June and August. They aim to give students a head start for the new school year and give them the chance to revise and catch up in the informal surroundings of the institute. The French Institute specialises in Leaving and Junior Certificate exam preparation. The courses take place over a week in June or August and the programme is designed by a team of qualified and experienced native teachers using a smart and fresh approach to teaching through multimedia and lively interactive practice. Classes are kept small to maximise the individual attention given to each student.

For primary school students there is an introduction to French for four to eight-year-olds, a great age to start learning a language. The course takes place each morning from July 4 to 8 and the children are taught through games, arts and crafts, songs, and cooking in order to make it fun. During the same week in the afternoons there is a secondary school preparation course for nine to 13-year-olds to help them gain a basic knowledge of the language as they head towards secondary school.

For full details of all these summer activities visit, phone the French Institute at (091 ) 568925 (11am to 2pm Monday to Saturday ), or email [email protected]


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