New Lexus CT hybrid to race in Germany

In addition to running its class-winning LFAs, Lexus will also race for the first time a full hybrid version of the newly launched CT.

Competing in the SP4 Class, the GAZOO Racing CT features Lexus hybrid drive, powering the car with either the electric motor or the combustion engine, or a combination of both power trains. While starting and under braking, the car is quietly driven by only the electric motor, producing zero emissions and using no fuel at all. The combustion engine seamlessly takes over at higher speeds with the electric motor providing extra power when accelerating and at racing speeds.

Throughout its operation the Lexus full hybrid system intelligently selects the most appropriate power source and also captures energy through regenerative braking to charge the battery, releasing it later through the electric motor.

Thanks to the Lexus hybrid drive, GAZOO Racing CT will require less fuel and will emit lower levels of CO2 and harmful NOx (nitrogen oxide ) than any equivalent petrol or diesel race car.

Lexus remains the only car manufacturer to compete in major endurance races with full hybrid cars, starting with the Lexus RX 400h which competed in the 24 hours Nürburgring race in 2005.


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