Volvo is most improved brand for CO2 emissions

Volvo Car's commitment to its ‘DRIVe Towards Zero’ mission was reaffirmed with the news that it is the most improved brand in the top 20 in JATO's latest report, "A Review of CO2 Car Emissions across Europe FY2010" with average emissions of just 157.5g/km.

Volvo's success can be attributed to the continuing effort of both its drivetrain and design team ensuring each engine and bodystyle is optimised for fuel efficiency and thus CO2 output.

Along with the DRIVe range, the latest versions of Volvo's petrol turbocharged direct injection petrol engines, coupled with the newly announced higher powered and cleaner diesels, all help towards Volvo's mission statement and the further reduction of CO2 emissions.

The DRIVe range is now available in nine models, with seven models falling below the 120g/km, of which three produce just 99g/km of CO2. Volvo's belief is that economy should come without compromise. With this in mind, all of Volvo's DRIVe models have the same style, dynamics and practicality as the rest of the range.

The Volvo C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe produce only 99g/km of CO2. In addition, the Volvo S60, V60, V70 and S80 DRIVes produce under 120g/km.


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