Galway to enter The Truth Booth this summer

The Truth Booth, a giant inflatable ‘speech bubble’ video booth, in which people can record their responses to the question “What is truth?” is to be launched in Galway.

In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth ), a multi-media art event/installation by the ©AUSE COLLECTIVE artists, will be launched in Galway in July.

The ©AUSE COLLECTIVE artists - Ryan Alexiev, Hank Willis Thomas, and Galway based Jim Ricks have developed this new project as a result of their interest in using installation and video art as a medium for cross-cultural communication.

In Search of the Truth will see the portable, inflatable Truth Booth touring Ireland. The exterior will measure 7m long x 5m high x 2m thick. It is shaped like a giant cartoon speech bubble with the word ‘TRUTH’ printed on the side.

The interior will be much like a photo booth, but will serve to compile minute long video responses from the public.

Once inside, a participant will be greeted by a sample of other participants’ responses. It will be available for anyone to leave his or her opinions and thoughts on the question “What is the truth?” Once finished, their recording can then be redone or saved to capture the diversity of viewpoints and of people in Ireland at a time of change and uncertainty.

The second stage of the piece is the creation of a video mosaic. The video responses will be edited and compiled to create a 20-30 minute video piece that serves as a unique portrait of Ireland.

For more information see www.cause and Facebook.



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