Career progression with successful interviews

More and more companies are creating opportunities for employees to benefit from internal promotions. The recession has made companies review their internal hiring policies by replacing external recruitment with creating promotional opportunities internally, allowing employees to step up to the plate. It makes more commercial sense to develop current employees by encouraging them to take more senior roles.

One of the positives of the recession is that it has made companies more prudent and resourceful regarding its workforce. People always welcome the opportunity to develop and to prove that they can compete with the best candidates competing for the position. Companies would like their employees to see themselves as human capital. The only obstacle for competing candidates is the internal war for talent. They have to show hiring managers that they are up for the promotion by demonstrating new behaviours, maturity, professionalism and responsibilities if they are to secure the new position.

With an outstanding record over the past eight years, Galwayman Seán Connaughton has successfully helped candidates with their interview success. He has created a niche in the market place for interviews by showing potential candidates how to realise their ambitions. It has all to do with creating more awareness, belief and guiding candidates to understand their potential of securing the job.

Working with successful candidates in a host of industries, Seán who is also the author of ‘Interviewing Skills for Life’ explained that each candidate took responsibility for themselves for the interview. Candidates who have found themselves out of work have also benefitted from Connaughton’s approach to interviews. People are far more resourceful when they are encouraged to excel. The process used is friendly, well thought out and very enjoyable with the feedback being a resounding success. There is nothing more rewarding than working with people who want to better themselves. Preparing people for interviews should be natural and should be done in partnership; this process provides learning opportunities for all parties involved, not just the interviewees. ‘This partnership not only benefits me but it also benefits every candidate I work with’, explained Connaughton.

For an individual approach to interviewing- in total confidence - contact Seán Connaughton on or [email protected] or call Seán on 087 214 1282.


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