Man uses get out of jail free cards by breaking bail conditions

A 31-year-old man, accused recently by a district court judge of “making a mockery of the court system” by continually failing to take the chances given to him, has used up all his get out of jail free cards and received a one month sentence this week for harrassing people while begging for money.

Judge Mary Fahy made the comment at a recent sitting of Galway District Court after Diarmuid Maloney was once again brought before her despite receiving severe warnings only a few weeks before.

At a court sitting in January, Maloney, of 39 Dun Na Mara, Renmore, was given his last chance to escape a jail sentence and to tackle his addictions by taking up a place in a treatment centre. As part of the bail conditions Maloney was also ordered to stay out of the city centre.

However Maloney was brought before Judge Fahy last week charged with being intoxicated in a public place, threatening and abusive behaviour, and, while begging, harassing and intimadating other people at Cross Street on February 12, 2011. He was also charged with being in possession of diamorphine at Victoria Place, Eyre Square, on June 4, 2010.

Judge Fahy commented: “I’m sick of looking at this man, he is making a mockery of the court system.” Maloney was then remanded in custody to appear again at Galway District Court on Monday.

The court heard this week that a plea of guilty was entered to the charge of being intoxicated in a public place, harassing and intimating people while begging, and to the possession of drugs, while the charge for threatening and abusive behaviour was withdrawn.

Garda evidence was given that on February 12 at 12.30pm Maloney had been seen earlier in the day in an intoxicated state and harassing members of the public at Shop Street. Gardai approached the defendent and directed him to leave the area. However later that same day, Maloney again came to Garda notice at Cross Street when a member of the public complained that a man had been harassing them for money in an abusive manner. A can of alcohol was confiscated and Maloney was arrested.

Defence solicitor Valerie Corcoran said that her client had been “clean off heroin since December” but that Maloney was still drinking alcohol. Ms Corcoran added that Maloney has been trying to deal with his problems and he had ventured into the city centre to get his watch fixed but met some people. She said Maloney still wants to get treatment.

Inspector Brendan Carroll then told Judge Fahy that Maloney has 43 previous convictions.

“Even though he had 43 convicitons I did give him a chance to go in to get treatment. He abused the court... This man is causing an utter nuisance, he totally breached his bail conditions,” said Judge Fahy, before imposing a one month jail sentence for the charge of harassing and intimidating people while begging. She then imposed a two month sentence for the possession of drugs but suspended it for a period of 12 months on condition that he enter into a bond of €300 to be of good behaviour. A fine of €200, payable forthwith, was imposed for being intoxicated in a public place. The jail sentence was backdated to February 14 last.


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