NUI Galway students’ union to enter the record books

NUI Galway students are attempting to break a Guinness World Record by organising the largest “Rock the Boat” dance.

“Rock the Boat” is a well known song by the Hues Corporation with a unique dance which involves everybody sitting on the floor in rows, swaying back and forth and side to side in time with the music. The current Guinness World Record which stands at 820 people was set in Tipperary in 2009, but the Students’ Union is confident that it will smash that record when it holds the attempt next Monday afternoon in the University’s sports centre.

The world record attempt is part of the annual college week organised by the Students’ Union which raises thousands of euro for local and national charities. Other fundraising events during the week will see students participate in a sponsored climb of Croagh Patrick, a sponsored skydive and the mini triathlon. University staff will also be involved in the fundraising through the annual Staff Auction. This year’s College Week Charities are Ability West and the Alan Kerins Project.

Students’ Union president Peter Mannion said: “It is great to see so many people get involved in a fun activity like Rock the Boat especially when it is part of a charity fundraising drive. Every year students raise thousands of euro for charities and this world record attempt will serve as a reminder of their achievements.

“For the past number of months Galway students have been taking part in protests and demonstrations against a raft of cutbacks, so it is fitting that they should hold a world record for rocking the boat.”


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