Let Mindlink bring you happiness

Would you like to have more happiness, peace and love in your life? Are you tired of being in a rut? Are you looking for a life-changing experience? Then a seminar run by Mindlink may appeal.

This intensive, two and a half day weekend course, which will be given by Rod Briggs, the founder of Mindlink, a much sought-after international lecturer and consultant in mind sciences, will take place on February 25, 26 and 27. A free information lecture will take place at 8pm on Thursday February 24 at Hotel Meyrick. Its aim is to help people live their lives more effectively by giving them techniques to manage their minds.

“From primary school onwards we are never taught how to think but rather what to think; we become adept at reading and writing but have no idea about the processes that drive us,” says a Mindlink spokesperson. “We have become a society of under achievers. The various techniques taught by Rod Briggs of the Mindlink Foundation are designed to teach us how our psyche works at all levels, and this, in turn allows us to live life more effectively. The seminar helps people to reach peak performance in all areas of life and has been used by Olympic athletes, business leaders, governments and medical professionals all over the world.”

For further information telephone Shelley at (086 ) 8240269 or log on to www.mindlinkfoundation.com


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