Fianna Fail — The show is over, get off the stage

The political drama of the last while is beginning to wear on us now. We’ve seen and heard it all. We don’t want to be lied to anymore. We don’t want to see the likes of Brian Cowen anymore or his lying ministers. We don’t want to see the legal eagle Lenihan spinning us his economics the way he’d spin a defence to get a gurrier off the hook in court. The likes of Dermot Ahern and Noel Dempsey shaking their heads and lying to us, treating us like fools. Jumped up teachers and solicitors and people who never had a real job in the real world, but who were coccooned in a bubble at our expense.

We don’’t even want to see them coming to our doors. To be honest, you wouldn’t give any of them a job, yet for decades we re-elected them, not realising that every vote we gave them was worth €20 a year to them. It was as if we were handing them over the cash, handing them the keys to the gravy train. All members of that Fianna Fail government should hang their heads in shame and refrain from standing this time. But they have brass neck and they like brass, so they do, so stand they will.

They have broken families, they have broken this country and they have tried to break our spirit. They have filled us with shite and been convincing, these charlatans in tailored suits, these purveyors of spin, these possessors of mistruths.

Across the country this week, people are seeing the drop in their income and realising the cost of Fianna Fail’s party times. The monthly bills are coming in and tens of thousands of people have no clue as to how they are going to meet them.

They look at their children and know that there is no future for them here in Ireland. Despair is the strongest currency in our towns and village. Coroners up and down the country are bemoaning the soaring suicide level which saw 800 take their own lives here last year. Many of these felt they could not cope and saw no hope. They saw their lives destroyed, their incomes decimated, by a shower of incompetents at the controls.

So Fianna Fail, please go and don’t be tormenting us any further. To quote the message to the devil in Spanish Train, ‘get thee hence to endless night.”

And let the others have a go.

Will it change? In a few weeks time again when the TV debates kick off, you can be sure that we will see the weakness of their argument too, but they have to be given an opportunity to restore our faith in public office. If they swerve once back into the old ways,`all hope for change will be gone. And the responsibility on them to provide change is immense now.

For our sanity’s sake, let us have our say now. For too long, too much power was in the hands of too many people with too little ability. Let the people speak.


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