Householders face intermittent water outages this morning

Galway City Council staff are continuing to deal the consequences of the recent freeze and thaw and the disruption which this has caused to the city’s water supply. There are still individual premises experiencing difficulties with supply and there are also issues regarding water levels in the city’s reservoirs as well as large numbers of leaks on services which require repair.

City Council staff are addressing those issues, monitoring levels, adjusting pressure in the supply from a number of reservoirs and continuing to fix leaks. Unfortunately, for the coming days, at least, there will continue to be intermittent outages - some of these outages occur while repairs are being carried out or are as a result of reduced pressure due to re-charging of the city’s reservoirs overnight.

Since Christmas, Galway City Council has detected and repaired more than 150 leaks and bursts. Of these, 20 per cent have been on the public mains while the remaining 80 per cent were to connections into premises.

There are currently 80 identified leaks awaiting repair. A city council spokesman said that there are still un-notified leaks in domestic and commercial properties across the city. Should members of the public become aware of leaks, they should call 091 536 400.

“|We will get to them all but will continue to prioritise more serious leaks first. We are also calling on landlords and key-holders of vacant premises to check for leaks that may be undetected so far,” the spokesman said.

Leaks are currently being repaired in Castleawn, Sandyvale, Ard Álainn, Súan, Renmore and Letteragh.

Last night (Wednesday ) the supply from Tonabrocky Reservoir on the west side of the city was throttled back to allow it to re-charge overnight.As a result there were overnight intermittent outages and reduced pressure in the area served by Tonabrocky, including Bushypark, Letteragh, Circular Road, Upper Rahoon, estates off the Western Distributor Road and higher areas in Knocknacarra.


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