Notes for the season

Top insider tips

When you work at Brown Thomas you are virtually spoiled with all the experts and begin to take all the advice for granted. I wander around safe in the knowledge someone will let me know if I am wearing the wrong blush or ill fitting trousers. They do, and I take it all on board. Below Brown Thomas experts offer some of the top tips that will make a difference in any woman’s life.

Mary Maguire, stylist: “When shopping, always try to come wearing a light layer of tan, with your make-up and hair somewhat done. It is very hard to see if something really will work well on you without these elements in place. Everything will appear wrong if you don’t feel good about the way you look on the day, and you won’t get a genuine read on an outfit.”

Fiona, Benefit counter manager: “Blush is the single most transforming product there is. Get it right. Ensure you get the right colour. I like Benefits Dandelion. Try before you buy. You’ll instantly look younger and brighter and healthier.”

Aoife, lingerie: “Nine out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. The most flattering thing you can do for your silhouette is get measured by the professionals. It’s free and everyone should avail of this service.”

Audrey, MAC: “Wear the right shade of foundation, everyone is so different. MAC has over 25 shades, the spectrum is very broad.” Work with nature and not against it. Darkening your foundation is not the way to add colour to your skin. That is what blush and bronzer are for.

Olivia, denim expert: “Before you try, check if your jeans contain elastin, if they have stretch you need to go down a size. Don’t be afraid! Otherwise you will have a saggy bum.”

Ruth David, Clulow sunglasses: “For slimmer or smaller faces any type of wraparound frame will work. Oval faces can wear anything. Long faces should go for the classic wayfarer to draw the face upwards.”

Sheelagh, Crème de la Mer: “Moisturising is essential but a serum delivers more benefits deeper to the skin. Crème’s regenerating serum diminishes fine lines and pores, it’s extremely potent.”

Niamh, display manager: “When displaying objects less is more, and everything doesn’t have to be symmetrical. For example I wouldn’t have a mantelpiece with everything balanced out in an obvious way. Try three candles instead of two, and do groupings of objects. You can balance your mantelpiece without everything looking boring and expected.”

Sadie, Kurt Geiger: “Make sure you can actually walk in your heels with good posture. If they pinch while trying them on, they will kill later.”

Aoife: “Sizewise, in hosiery, go by your height, not your weight, when picking out hosiery. In other words if you have long legs, buy the large.”


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