Survive festive overindulgence with milk thistle

One in seven adults drink more than they mean to over Christmas, but for all those revellers there is a solution to Christmas overindulgence. A Vogel Milk Thistle Complex is a cleansing herbal remedy that restores your body to full function after too much Christmas cheer.

Excessive alcohol, fatty festive foods, and not getting enough sleep can really overwork your liver resulting in headaches, nausea, bloating, irritability, and poor skin. Milk thistle helps to cleanse and detoxify the liver so you can quickly overcome the unpleasant effects of overindulgence.

This cleansing A Vogel Complex combines milk thistle with artichoke, peppermint, dandelion, and boldo to enhance your liver function, improve digestion, and provide your body with essential nutrients to get you back in shape for the New Year.

A Vogel Milk Thistle Complex is available from health food stores and selected pharmacies. See for further details.


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