Winter in the garden

We may be in the depths of winter but there is still plenty for avid gardeners to do.

December is an ideal time to repot houseplants, which do not have to deal with the Arctic conditions outdoors. Speaking of outdoors, don’t forget your garden is not just for plants. Leave some food out for the birds, whose visits will bring some cheer to the garden during the dark winter months. Aim to provide a mixture of suet, insects, and seeds in order to feed as wide a number of species as possible. Peanuts and mealworms are always a treat.

Now is also a good time to dig new beds and borders in preparation for the spring. Clear away the last of the autumn leaves from the ground or, better still, use them as a mulch to minimise weed growth in your newly dug beds. If digging sounds like too much work, rake all the leaves into one pile in a quiet corner, and you will have a good supply of leaf mould next year.

Check out your local garden centre for cheap seeds for next year — now is a good time to pick up discounted seeds ready for planting in early spring.



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