Japanese/Korean avant pop @ Róisín Dubh

THE JAPANESE/Korean avant garde pop duo 10 play upstairs in the Róisín Dubh on Tuesday at 9pm, with support from Galway guitar/keyboard duo Mirakil Whip.

10 is Korean new wave avant-garde musician Itta, who plays children’s toys through effects, combined with vocals and keys, and Japanese noise creator Marquido, who plays laptop, theremins, and synthesisers.

According to newindiemusicinhongkong.blogspot.com: “The effect is a bit like listening to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ recorded by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd with a bit of My Bloody Valentine thrown into the mix.”

Since getting together in 2005, the duo have released five albums and an EP and toured across the globe. They have also been chosen for the artist-in-residence programmes in Kwangju, Busan and Ansung in Korea, and Beijing’s Shangyuan Art Museum.

Mirakil Whip - Aaron Coyne (guitar/vocals ) and Annemarie Deacy (keyboards ) - return after a long hiatus to entrance audiences with their guitar drones and dance beats. They have supported Dan Deacon and Our Brother The Native.

Admission is €5.


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