Galway City Gym bodybuilders prove best

2010 has proved to be another hugely successful year for Galway body builders. They literally came, they saw and they conquered! In Ireland’s two biggest federations, NABBA and the RIBBF they won out two full categories in each.

The first competition up this year was NABBA which also features as the qualifiers for the world championships. The first competitor up was Meelis Susi, who was competing in the classic body building, up against six veterans. He kept his nerve and with fantastic posing won first place. Next up in the first timers class was Dave O Neil, who also works as an instructor in the Galway City Gym. Up against fierce competition not just nationally but also from eastern Europe, this is arguably the hardest fought class, but with a dedicated training schedule all year round and a very strict diet, he did himself proud and turned quite a few heads in Dublin as one to be watched for the future. He was the clear outright winner in his class.

In October the RIBBF took place in Limerick and featured none other than the legendary Ronnie Coleman a former eight time Mr.Olympia In the light Heavy weight category was Jozef Podolsky who placed first with a very convincing display. He happened to be presented with his trophy by Dave Gueller last years champion and of course a member of the Galway City Gym. Then to the novice class and it was all down to Colin Kenneally to keep the momentum going and he certainly did that, weighing in at over 100kg, and with fierce competition he pulled it off with a fantastic display.

All in all it proved to be a great year, and anyone who is interested in this sport or power-lifting, or even just to get fit or in shape, needs to get to the Galway City Gym, where, as this article has proven, it lives up to its reputation as the home of champions. From track athletes, footballers, kick boxing champions, rugby players, body builders it speaks for itself. The Galway City Gym offers a wealth of experience in all fields and under the management of Tony Mc Caffrey and the team, it has proved its reputation from near to far.

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