Orthoscopic clinic opens in Knocknacarra

Richard Hughes opticians has opened an orthoscopic clinic at his practice at Seacrest, Knocknacrra.

Orthoscopics involves solving perception problems by coloured lens correction. It is designed for patients with conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD, migraine, multiple sclerosis, headaches, ME and eye muscle problems including double vision and squint. It is also suitable for “lazy eye” condition, hearing and speech difficulties, neurological conditions and ADD/ADHD.

The orthoscopics system comprises computerised assessments and prescribing instruments. These give the optician the information to determine the patient’s optimum colour response. With this data lenses can be prescribed incorporating optimised colour filtering. These will minimise and often eliminate the effects of visual perception difficulties.

These are symptoms caused by malfunctions in the eye / brain communication chain explains a spokesperson for Richard Hughes Opticians.

“It is estimated that up to 10 per cent of children may suffer from this disorder in various different degrees. A person with dyslexia, for instance, may experience a range of symptoms from reading/writing problems through to major difficulties. They will often underachieve in academic work or in social environments, self esteem is lowered, anti-social behaviour is common and the sufferer can also exhibit neurological symptoms. These symptoms are often unrecognised (even in a normal eye test ) and are common in the classroom.”

For further information/assessment/treatment contact Richard Hughes Opticians, Seacrest, Knocknacarra. Telephone (091 ) 590010.


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