Let’s all resign...for the principle of it

Hasn’t this been a mad week? It’s so mad, I’ve been tempted to resign in disgust or threaten to resign in disgust because hey, after all that is what everyone who is anybody is doing these days. If they’re not resigning, they’re withdrawing their support. Or refusing to clarify if they will support someone. We thought the last few weeks were mad with the banks collapsing, the developers imploding and a mad moosehunter being just a dodgy skin cell away from the White House. But this week takes the biscuit. For a short while there, we nearly had a general election.

Like lemmings, everyone wants to jump off the cliff of reason at the moment. It is as if the entire sky is falling in. Isn’t it great though to see the politicians all het up about something again and seeing them put on a good impression of someone who actually gives a damn.

When the elections come around next year, people will have one big image in their minds, and that is the sight of the Government rising en masse to applaud the delivery and arrival of last week’s controversial budget. And then within days, trying to deny that they were even in the place. No, I wasn’t clapping missus, I was just swatting a fly, repeatedly. Honestly.

And people are resigning for the craic. It’s gas to see the PDs jumping ship. Just a few hours before the party goes belly-up anyway. I might join them this week, just so that I can resign as well. Be a man of principle for a change. I wonder like a liquidation sale, can you buy the PDs in the coming weeks? Well, the ones in it don’t want it, so maybe we should buy the brand. One careful owner. Genuine reason for selling.

But here I am, talking rubbish, but forgive me, the brain is addled with all the comings and goings this week.

By the way, Galway United are just one step from European football competition this weekend when they play Derry City in the semi-final of the FAI Cup at Terryland Park. They have been the most maligned club this year. If they’d had ducks, the feckers would have drowned. Anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong, but they stuck by it. They ran out of money, and then watched as their most expensive players left one by one. Like the Connacht team they have managed to confound the odds in recent weeks and under Jeff Kenna they have undergone an amazing transformation that has seen them converted from being nervous nannies on the pitch to becoming one of the most attractive and confident sides in the top division with talented stars. That confidence may yet amazingly see them avoid relegation in the next few weeks, but they need your support to roar them over the finishing line, so grab the kids, the grannies, yes even bring the mother-in-law and get along to Terryland.The hot dogs are mighty. They have just four games left, but that could be five if they win on Sunday. What a great sporting year it could be next year if United stay up and Connacht get similar confidence and inspiration and get into the Heineken Cup despite the best efforts of others to keep them down. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight to behold on a Friday next winter — United playing Barcelona at the Dyke Road and Munster playing Connacht at the dog track. Bring it on!


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