Mayor to face a free run at FG convention tonight?

The Mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely will be chosen as Fine Gael’s candidate for the Galway City Centre ward in The Westwood Hotel tonight.

Fine Gael is holding its election selection convention for the ward in advance of the 2009 Local Elections. Registration begins at 8pm and the convention starts at 8.30pm.

The party’s strategy is to run one councillor in what is a competitive ward. Cllr Conneely has been nominated by party branches in Shantalla, Newcastle, Dangan, Woodquay, Bohermore, and Bushypark. He will not be opposed at the meeting and will automatically be selected to run again.

The party will hold the conventions for Galway City West and Galway City East before the end of November. FG will run two candidates in Galway City West and these are likely to be Cllr John Mulholland and actress and singer Hildegarde Naughton.

The party will run three in Galway City East. Cllr Brian Walsh will contest the next Local Election in this ward, but his running mates have yet to be decided.


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