Get in shape with Unislim

Nicola Bleakley reveals how she lost seven stone with the Unislim programme.

Nicola Bleakley

Age: 28

Joining weight: 17st 7lb

Current weight: 10st 7lb

Total weight loss: 7st

“When did I decide enough was enough and I needed to lose weight? It was my 18th birthday. I had one pair of trousers I wore all the time and my mum said I couldn’t wear them to my party, so she took me shopping. It was only then that I realised I was a size 22 and I had to get maternity clothes to wear. I can remember breaking down in the changing rooms and I realised, then and there, I had to do something about it.”

Making changes

“My problem was, among other things, Yorkie bars. They were my downfall. In fact, I haven’t had one in 10 years because I know if I have one, that’s it. Now I think about what I eat and make sure I make the right choices. I still go out for meals and enjoy life, but I just live more in moderation. If you stick to the plan, it’s really not hard to lose weight. I really, really enjoyed doing it and seeing the results. The more you see, the more it spurs you on to do more until you get to the size and shape you’ve always wanted to be.”

Turning pro

“Unislim has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only did I lose seven stone in one year but, after working for 10 years in a bank as an assistant bank manager, I now work for Unislim. I’m an ambassador for the company in the North of Ireland and I love it. It’s the perfect fit because I can relate to everyone in Unislim. No one can throw me an excuse that I haven’t used myself.”

The extra mile

“My family were a huge support and my sister Christine [the TV presenter] encouraged me. She would always come out walking with me, which made a huge difference, particularly on the days when I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I started exercising by walking, now I plan to do a 10k run in September, and next year I want to run the half-marathon! And to think I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. I just think it’s so important to keep challenging yourself.”

Keeping track

“I found Unislim so supportive, because everyone there understands you. My friends didn’t really have a clue; they were all size eights, ate chocolate bars all day and never put on any weight, whereas I looked at one and felt instantly heavier. It’s so great to have the support network and know that you can do it.”

Looking good

“The biggest change I’ve noticed is I’m able to go into a shop and pick something off the rail without trying it on. I still can’t get over that. When I got down to my target weight I bought everything in sight, because I was never able to do that before. My confidence has grown so much. There’s no point being miserable when you’ve got the power to change it. Life’s too short.

“My advice to anyone is, do not be unhappy with your shape and size. Change your mind, body, and lifestyle now. Come to your local Unislim class. If was able to do it anyone can.

Kitchen confidential

Breakfast: “It varies, but I like poached eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes, or porridge — I think porridge sets you up for the day.”

Lunch: “It depends where I am, but I usually have a chicken or ham salad and the salad would have everything — cucumber, egg, beetroot, the whole heap.”

Dinner: “I love steak, turkey kebabs, chilli con carne.”

Snack: “I love blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries throughout the day.”



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