Notes for the season

A Good Foundation

“The importance of a good foundation cannot be over emphasised”. I read that opening line in an article in National Geographic magazine about architecture but it is equally applicable in the cosmetic world.

The trickiest thing to get right is the colour. Ask any make-up artist in Brown Thomas the mistake they see the most often, and they will say it is women wearing foundation that is just too pink for their skin, sporting the tell-tale tidemark at the jaw line. If your foundation isn’t perfect, nothing else you do, no amount of blush or bronzer, will compensate.

We have rounded up the best, under various categories.

Best affordable- MAC Studio Fix powder foundation - It is portable, it minimises pores, and it is oil controlling. This foundation will allow you to build up coverage as you wish. It gives a professional matte finish.

Best Firming- Clarins Extra Firming Foundation - If you have no idea what a firming foundation might be for, skip to the next category - you have to be there to understand. This fluid foundation with an SPF 15 firms, moisturises, tightens and offers a modern medium coverage. Clarins being Clarins, it does what it promises.

Best nutrition treatment – Laura Mercier Crème smooth foundation. This foundation SPF15 has buildable coverage, is super moisturising and doubles as a nutrition treatment. It’s the nicest feeling in the world to be wearing your make-up and feel like you are treating your skin as well.

Best coverage - Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10. I always think the wrong people wear this foundation. It is very popular among young girls with perfect skin. Because of its flawless finish and long lasting wear (15 hours ) it is the perfect solution for professionals who want to look as polished and pulled together at 7pm as they did at 7 am. It is also the answer when you are being photographed.

Best for skin purists - Bare Minerals SPF15 – This mineral foundation can be bought with a starter kit including brushes to buff the product into the skin. So pure, it contains no talc, oils or fragrance and if you are prone to acne or break-outs, this is a great choice. A cardinal sin in cosmetics-you can sleep in this foundation if you have to-like the Hippocratic Oath it promises to do no harm, and will not aggravate any skin condition you may be having.

Best for the girl on the go - Bobbi Brown stick foundation – I always have this in my bag. Great for precision touch ups, it’s creamy and full coverage. It is almost like a huge concealer.

Best for letting your skin peak through -Lancôme Hydra Zen teinte SPF 15. Tinted moisturiser is a very youthful way to go. For days off or when you do not want or need full coverage, nothing looks softer than seeing your skin through the make-up .This is the pay-off for all those years of meticulously looking after your skin. Lancôme’s is soothing and anti stress - so if you are sensitive or prone to redness, this is the ticket for you.



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