Discover secret Salthill in treasure hunt for children

Kenny’s Bookshop in the Liosban Retail Park is holding The Big Family Table Quiz on Saturday October 23 from 2pm to 4pm, and in order to answer the questions, children will have to go on a treasure hunt in Salthill.

The quiz is part of the Baboró International Children’s Festival and to register families must go to There is a maximum of six people per team and no more than two adults are permitted per team.

There are only 75 places at the quiz, so register early. The winner will get to bring home a big family hamper of books worth €500.

The hints for the quiz are to be Salthill, the seaside resort which is said to have the longest seaside promenade in all of Europe. It starts at Blackrock, where the diving board is, and ends at the Claddagh: that’s about two miles long. Can you see the diving board?

From 1895 until 1918 the Galway Salthill tramway had a horse-drawn tram, which ran from Eyre Square to Salthill. A trip on the tram was only 2p. The summer tram was a double decker – those horses must have been very strong! – and the top deck was open-roofed. I wonder if it rained less during the summer back then?

You can see photos and read more about the Galway Salthill tramway in the Galway City Museum.

The Quincenntenial Park

The Quincenntenial Park is dedicated to Galway’s senior citizens. Can you find a really big rock in the park, with a plaque? There is a time capsule under the rock: What year will it be opened? What do you think Galway will be like in this year?

There will be a spot prize at the Big Family Table Quiz in Kenny’s for the best poem about ‘Galway in the Future’. Email your entry to [email protected] before Sunday.

Poetry on the Prom

Beside the swimmers’ shelter opposite the Salthill Hotel is a plaque with a poem by Mairtin Ó Direain. What is the poem about? Who translated it from the original Irish?

Opposite the entrance to the Galway Bay Hotel is another poetry plaque, with a poem called Girls Bathing, Galway, 1965. Who is the author of this poem? What Roman goddess does he mention?

Tourist information signs about Galway heritage

It’s amazing how much you can learn about your own area by pretending to be a tourist for a day. The information signs on the prom have lots of information. Read them carefully, they are full of hints! If you can find answers to some of these questions the Big Family Table Quiz will be easy.

Who founded the Abbey Theatre?

Where is the ‘Autograph Tree’?

Can you name the little theatre on Chapel Lane? You will visit it next week when you Discover Secret Galway City.

What famous Irish poet spent his summers in Thoor Ballylee?

What colour was the sail on the King of the Claddagh’s Hooker?

When was An Taibhdhearc theatre founded?

Who was Nora Barnacle married to?

Where is Padraic Ó Conaire’s statue now?

Where is Padraig Pearse’s cottage?

Kenny’s will send more hints so you can Discover Secret Galway City a week before the quiz. Admission to the quiz is €25.



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