Know the form before you bet

The Galway Races, to some, might just be a perfect occasion to meet up with some old friends and make new acquaintances, but others simply cannot stay away from betting some part of their income on the horses. This, tempting and exciting as it is, could lead to undesirable consequences if done without at least a basic knowledge of the game. Before you pick your potential winner, make an effort to find out about the horses, the track, and the money involved in the game.

If you are serious about getting involved in the horse racing business, you must get to know the different types of races. Each of them has different requirements and different consequences for the horses that compete in them. There are no better and worse race types; whichever one you decide to go for, you’ll still experience the same fervour of the game!

Your first stop could be a newsagents or a bookstore where you can equip yourself with some magazines devoted to horse racing. A lot of them will let you in on different reviews which will help you decide which horses are worth betting on. A local library is also a good place to visit as books it contains might provide you with some general knowledge and give you a feel for the game.

If you are a first timer when it comes to race meetings, talk to people who regularly bet on the horses. Ask them about all their experiences with the game, the good and the bad ones. The latter will show you what behaviours to avoid and the positive ones will point you in the right direction.

Remember to be very careful when placing your bets. Don’t get carried away by the atmosphere and other people around you. When you familiarise yourself with all the horses in the race and consider all pros and cons, decide on your favourite.

Don’t feel rushed into making any decisions that you might later regret. Make sure that the amount of money you decide to bet is what you can afford to lose. Betting is a game where nothing can be guaranteed, so while having fun, you have to also take into account the fact that you can lose.



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