Beat the stress, get boxing

A new concept in stress management sport returns to Galway this month in the form of White Collar Boxing.

White Collar Boxing is boxing for lay people, who, after an eight week training programme, are then ready to face an opponent in the ring.

According to Pete Foley of the Black Dragon Gym, the philosophy of White Collar Boxing is that in order to get the full benefits of boxing, the training should reflect that of a professional fighter.

“These are not aerobic or boxercise classes. It’s professional boxing training in a world-class boxing facility with qualified coaches. Each participant is required to undergo a full medical with their doctor before engaging in any contest.”

White Collar Boxing first became a popular pastime in America during the eighties, with doctors, lawyers and executives as well as school teachers, plumbers, and tradesmen stepping into a boxing ring for an actual contest

Foley says the sport is ideal for people looking for a new challenge, to relieve stress, and build confidence through an intense training and fitness programme. The programme is based on a professional boxer’s training regime with some obvious modifications and for those who are up for it, there is a White Collar Boxing event at the end of the eight week programme, where participants can display their newfound pugilistic skills.

The new programme will commence on Tuesday September 28 at 6pm and will be open to both male and female participants. Interested parties should attend a full information evening at the Black Dragon Gym in the Riverside Commercial Estate on the Tuam Road tonight (September 23 ) at 6pm.


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