Public lecture on Obama’s Irish roots

BARACK OBAMA’S Irish heritage will be the subject of a lecture tomorrow at 8pm in the Aula Maxima, NUI Galway.

The talk, entitled US Presidents and their Irish Ancestry, will be given by Stephen MacDonogh, publisher of Brandon Press and author of The Road from Moneygall.

The lecture is part of the Galway Americana Festival 2010. Karyn Posner-Mullen of the US Embassy in Dublin will attend. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Representatives of Democrats Abroad, a co-sponsor of the talk, will be on hand to inform Americans about their right to vote in the US Congressional elections in November and to encourage them to register at Anyone holding US citizenship, whether born in Ireland or America, has the right to vote from his/her state of last residence. This includes the adult children of Americans born abroad.

Democrats Abroad is urging all eligible US citizens to cast their vote by absentee ballot to help keep Democratic majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.



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