Unlock the power within with hypnosis

Do you feel stuck in a rut, feel you cannot move on in life, you want to lose weight, stop smoking, or have other destructive habits? Hypnosis can help you unblock negativity which you may not even realise you have and set you free to be the person you really want to be.

At certain times of the year we make the effort, such as New Year’s and Lent, but after a few weeks feel the motivation get weak and fall back into the old routine again, feeling worse about ourselves for it. Why?

When we promise to make all these changes for ourselves we are doing so usually at a conscious level, and we do not set any particular goals. It is like the smoker who consciously buys cigarettes, and consciously knows the cigarettes will kill him if he keeps smoking them as it is written on every pack, but subconsciously this does not register.

Our subconscious mind stores everything that has ever happened to us. Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind to reframe people’s views in a positive way to help them reach their goals and regain more control over their lives.

In hypnosis the person is awake and totally in control, much like someone watching a programme on television or reading a book is slightly aware of other goings on but focused on one thing. Hypnosis involves acute attention through relaxation, in which suggestions for positive change are greatly amplified.

Positive suggestions are given to work towards a goal, as the subconscious does not recognise negatives. For example instead of thinking “I don’t want to be fat any more” or “I don’t want to smoke any more,” we say “I want to eat less and have a lighter body,” or “I want to have clear lungs and be able to smell the sea air.” This way we are working towards a goal, and the subconscious recognises this and accepts it more easily, reprogramming our mind for a positive outcome.

Irish Hypnosis, Ireland’s largest group of hypnotists and hypnotherapists, has offices in Galway and Athlone. Due to the expansion of these offices John Connolly, director, has welcomed Andy Brady to the company and together they look forward to helping many more clients achieve their goals.

For more information contact 1890 252567, email [email protected], or visit irishhypnosis.com



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