Calling all artists for the Everyman

Opening this autumn, The Everyman Gallery in the heart of Galway will be an art gallery with a difference. Situated in The Bridge Mills, one of Galway's finest restoration projects, the Everyman Gallery will have a unique location on banks of the River Corrib. The purpose of the project is to put art back into everyday lives.

With the recent closure of two city centre art galleries, Galway residents and visitors have remarked about the shortage of artistic expression in the city. In the ‘90s the Bridge Mills was home to the Geoghegan Gallery and later Tus, the artist collective.

Frank Heneghan is currently gathering a dynamic group of artists and craftsmen, who work with a wide range of media, to come together to exhibit in the space and sell their works directly to the public, to make them more affordable to the “everyman”.

Each artist will help to man and organise the ongoing exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations throughout the year. Interested artists and craftsmen can contact Frank by email with their portfolio or call 087 240 2222 to arrange a viewing of the space.


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