Twenty-one beauty tricks

1. Experiment with different foundations. You can mix two together to get the perfect result. When choosing a foundation opt for one that suits your skin type. Do you have a shiny or dehydrated complexion or is it balanced? Are some fine lines creeping in around your eyes and lips? A natural looking foundation will enhance your colouring and disguise any imperfections. If you are buying a new shade test it on your jawline to ensure there is no difference between your face and neck colour.

2. Women with mature skin should avoid matte foundations because they can make your skin appear dull and lifeless. Moisturising formulas which give skin a dewy sheen are a better option.

3. Go easy on powder if you have fine lines as it can settle into these tiny creases. If using it opt for a loose matte form and apply it with a powder applicator or pad onto the central panel of your face. Cotton wool is another option. Its fibres retain the powder and allows you to gently place it into an area which requires coverage. Remember, less is more.

4. Blusher is a great way to give the skin a radiant glow and balances and links up colour on the eyes and lips. Applying blusher under the cheekbones give more shape to the face and makes the cheekbones look higher and more prominent. To make the face look rounder apply to the apples of the cheeks. Avoid putting it on in stripes. because it can give your face a gaunt appearance. A subtle peach or dusky pink cream blusher will give you a warm, healthy glow.

5. During summer use a tinted moisturiser or coloured gel instead of foundation. It looks lighter.

6. If you have small blemishes on your face or under-eye shadows use a concealer or light coloured cream foundation. Dot it in the required place with your fingertips or use a small brush.

7. Eyeshadow should enhance the colour and shape of your eyes, not your clothes. Choose warm or cool shades which complement your skin tone. Pale colours make ideal highlighters and will open up an area while darker shades contour the eyes and intensify their shape. When applying it use a large eyeshadow brush to apply a base colour working from the inner corner of the eye over the eyelid and up to the eyebrow.

8. Mascara adds the finishing touch to eye make-up. When choosing one remember softer colours look best with blonde hair and fair skins. Darker, more daring colours, tend to complement brunettes with sallow skins. Mascara should be applied to the bottom lashes first combing through from root to tip. Use a zig-zag motion to apply it to the top lashes to guarantee an even application. Apply a second coat to build volume and add definition.

9. Kohl pencils are the key to creating smouldering eyes. To achieve a soft look apply it along the lash line and blend. Applying the eyeliner close to the roots of the lashes make the eyelashes look thicker and more defined. Using soft feathery strokes to apply the colour will allow you to build it gradually until the desired depth is achieved. For a classic sophisticated eyeliner effect apply a liquid line along the upper lashline only.

10. Lip glosses are big news for party-time. A little gloss can change the interpretation of any lipstick.

11. Concealer is an important beauty aid and can be used under or over foundation to lift shadows and soften the appearance of blemishes and fine lines. It can also be applied under the eyes and worked out onto the cheekbones to camouflage dark shadows. Opt for a creamy one which will glide on effortlessly. If you tend to have a high colouring this will do the trick. Use a sponge to help you deliver a fine application.

12. Young people can break all the rules and wear bright make-ups. However, the more mature should beware because these looks accentuate imperfections. Avoid using a very bright blusher, aim to keep cheek colour soft and natural.

13. The key to great looking make-up is knowing your skin type and realising which skin products will maximise your natural attributes. When you know your skin tone it is easy to choose the correct cosmetics. Skin tones are determined by three pigments - melanin (brown ), carotene (yellow ) and haemoglobin (red ). These work together to give you cool undertones or a warmer, yellow based colour.

14. Lipstick adds colour to your face and should enhance your natural skin tones. Use a lip brush to create a professional finish. A narrow brush will give you a good shape. Do not apply too much colour because it will only accentuate tiny lines.

15. If you change your hair style or colour reassess your make-up.

16. Check our your local cosmetic counters for the latest looks and colours. Do not be afraid to experiment with new techniques, colours or ideas. However, avoid doing this before an important occasion.

17. Reserve some time for yourself each day and use it to do or learn something which interests you. Remember, physical and mental inactivity accelerates the ageing process.

18. Learn to relax your mind and body. Deep breathing and massage can help to reduce tension and stress.

19. Practice some preventive medicine by giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol, cutting down on sugary foods and avoiding eye and back strain. All these tell on your face.

20. Get plenty of sleep so that your body has a chance to recharge its batteries.

21. Read beauty magazines and books and enlist the help of a trusted friend in your quest for a new look. Enjoy the process and be prepared to laugh as you try out new styles to suit different occasions.


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