Vani-T is more eco chic than ever

Recently described as the Victoria’s Secret of the organic and natural beauty market, Vani-T tan has set the standard for tans in image, delivery of results, quality, and purity, with a high natural and organic ingredient content, presented in glamorous recyclable packaging.

This natural and organic formula, free of artificial colours and preservatives, gives you a glistening bronzed look in an easy to use mist that fades slowly and evenly and is set to transform the way we think and tan forever.

Vani-T Liquid Sun tan is adored by top celebs such as Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz. Not only is it chemical free, its unique formulation gives a rich autumn glow while providing intense skin firming, anti-ageing, and hydrating properties, so now eco chicks can be glamour pusses too.

Vani-T boasts a comprehensive body range with luscious chemical-free ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical oils; it enriches your skin with radiance boosting power. There are also in-salon treatments offering Vani-T Liquid Sun spray tanning. Professionals find it a great choice for sensitive Irish skins, as it easily adapts to all skin tones for a perfect even colour. Take-home products like a bronzing custard gradual tanner, €22.50, and Liquid Sun Organic Tanning Mist, €33.50, are great for beauty DIY as they provide a natural glow to the body with super easy application.


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