Gardai investigate robbery by false HSE caller

Gardai are warning the public to beware of bogus callers and to request ID following an incident at the weekend where a house was robbed by a woman claiming to be from the HSE.

An investigation was launched into a house robbery in Renmore Road which took place on Saturday evening. The culprit allegedly approached the house claiming to be a member of staff from the HSE. It is believed the woman, accompanied by a man, then entered the house and a sum of cash was taken.

Gardai have this week issued a warning to members of the public to be wary of bogus callers to their premises. It has been advised to request identification from people who call to the house, especially if they are unsolicited, and not to allow entry until the caller’s identity has been satisfactorily verified. If there are any doubts in relation to the caller, gardai have warned not to allow the stranger into the house as genuine callers will have offical identification. Anyone with concerns in relation to this is asked to call Galway Garda Station on 091 538000.


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