‘Own up so we can move on’ — former mayor pleads to clamp councillors

Councillors against whom allegations have been made regarding the removal of clamps must “come clean” on the issue so the “important business of the city can be attended to”, according to Fine Gael Cllr Brian Walsh.

According to Cllr Walsh allegations of clamp removals have been made against four councillors - Labour Cllr Tom Costello, the Mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely, Fine Gael Cllr John Mulholland, and Independent Cllr Catherine Connolly.

Cllr Walsh is calling on those he named to explain the allegations against them and thereby defuse a situation which has led to rows and the abandonment of a number of recent city council meetings, when Independent Cllr Daniel Callanan pressed for answers.

“It is unacceptable that the last three council meetings have been abandoned because this matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily,” said Cllr Walsh. “While I do not agree with Cllr Callanan’s disruption of meetings, he has posed valid questions that need to be addressed.”

Cllr Walsh said the only way of dealing with this matter is for the councillors concerned to “come out and explain their case publicly” or else “future meetings will continue to be abandoned”.

The Fine Gael councillor’s remarks are likely to find approval with a majority of the public who feel that councillors should not be given special privilege in the area of clamping above any other citizen.

Cllr Walsh said that the four councillors against whom allegations have been made can perhaps “offer valid reasons why they had their clamps removed”. However to date only Cllr Mulholland has come in to the Chamber and given “a reasonable explanation”.

“Others must now follow suit,” said Cllr Walsh, “in order that the problems of the city, caused by gross Government underfunding, can be addressed by this council.”


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