Fuaim Chonamara @ Monroe’s Live

THE EXCITING sean nós dance show, Fuaim Chonamara, continues its summer run at Monroe’s Live on Thursdays at 8pm.

Sean nós is an old form of traditional Irish dance which is not as rigid as competition Irish dancing and allows great freedom for personal expression.

The Cunningham family of Connemara - Brian, Ashline, Lorraine, Irene and Michael - will perform sean nós dancing, the brush dance, solo dance, barrel dancing, and there will be lively Irish trad. There is also a ‘fraternal dance-off’ mid-show while the Cunningham sisters are proving a highlight with their own particular, funky, take on sean-nós.

The show continues to run on Thursday nights until August, with tickets available from Zhivago records and Monroe’s Tavern. See www.fuaimchonamara.ie and www.monroes.ie



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