Watch your Waistline2

It’s not what you eat, but your appetite, that makes you gain weight, meaning people who don’t think about food do not tend to be overweight.

Unique in its performance, Transformulas Waistline2 provides you with 100 per cent herbal technology nutrition that helps you control your appetite 24 hours a day seven days a week. Waistline2 has no nasty side effects and is completely safe, with no chemicals or dangerous amphetamines.

Celebrating five years in business this week, Elaine Barrett, proprietor of Chez Elaine Beauty Salon, believes that health and weight management is a key factor in the beauty therapy industry today. “Waistline2 really works,” she said. “I have had customers lose up to nine pounds in the first week alone, and more importantly keep it off. I also believe that Waistline2 helps people to form a healthier relationship with food as you stop connecting food with your emotions.”

Waistline2 contains high quality ingredients which help metabolise food into energy, therefore raising metabolism and burning fat. Customers also reported increased energy and mental alertness from using this product. Waistline2 costs €35 for 30 capsules or €60 for 60 capsules.

Also available at the salon is Genie Complete, the ultimate slimming and toning system.

One treatment breaks down fat in the body, improves muscle tone, reduces cellulite, and stimulates the elimination of fluid in the tissue, therefore assisting towards all over inch loss.

It treats the entire face by lifting the corners of the mouth and the brows, sharpening and toning the jaw line, and softening and reducing lines and wrinkles.

Results are apparent even after your first treatment — it’s the worlds only 10 minute facelift. To find out more on Genie, Waistline2, or any other treatment contact Elaine Barrett on (091 ) 539671, visit, or find Chez Elaine on Facebook.



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