Cinema Review Death At A Funeral

Death at a Funeral is just one of those films that was lumbered with a not-so-great trailer but actually turned out to be a comedy not to be missed. It’s a funeral where just about everything goes wrong from demanding elderly relatives, to the hilarious antics of a drugged cousin’s boyfriend, and a mysterious dwarf with a secret.

The film begins with, you guessed it, the planning of a funeral which has been left in the hands of hard-working and well-mannered Aaron (Chris Rock ). As the eldest son Aaron is left with the responsibility and the cost of burying his recently deceased father but plans go awry pretty much straight away; the funeral director bringing the wrong body, that of a middle-aged Asian man, to the house doesn’t exactly foster much enthusiasm. To make matters worse, Aaron’s brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence ), a narcissistic successful writer, arrives home in his usual show-off fashion leaving Aaron to do all the work and get none of the praise. A wannabe writer himself, Aaron looks forward to showing his secret talents by giving a eulogy that his father would be proud of but it seems that everything is against him as the funeral goes from bad to worse.

Cousin Elaine (Zoe Saldana ) brings her nervous boyfriend Oscar (James Marsden ) but he is not himself. Thinking that her brother’s box of pills is valium Elaine talks Oscar into taking one to calm him down but they find out, quite quickly, that the pill is actually an hallucinogenic. While others are attempting to mourn the loss of a family member a tripping Oscar causes mayham by talking to stone cherubs and singing flowers, knocking over the casket, and stripping down to his birthday suit.

While Elaine is struggling to handle her high boyfriend Uncle Russell (Danny Glover ) is playing the part of the moaning wheelchair bound elderly relative to the full with poor, not-so-bright, Norman (Tracy Morgan ) suffering throughout and providing some hilarious and disgusting moments in the bathroom. Aaron tries to keep the funeral going as smoothly as possible but suddenly a mysterious dwarf turns up and threatens to destroy everything.

From start to finish this film was hilarious. For once Rock takes on more of a serious role allowing others like Marsden to shine. This film is a surprise comedy must-see.

Verdict: 4.5/5


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