Croi na Gaillimhe Social club for older people

Croí na Gaillimhe Resource Centre caters for all age groups particularly older people. It has a social club every Wednesday at 2pm which aims to reduce isolation and loneliness. Activities are organised including art, pottery, games, cards, music, or simply having the ‘tea and a chat’.

Its knitting club is held on Monday afternoons and is a feature of the recent revival of hand knitting. The knitting club fulfil many purposes: to get together with other knitters, to learn or develop the skills of hand knitting. The most important thing is they are great fun. Men are welcome.

The Centre provides computer training to encourage the usage of computers and the Internet. Loretta Needham, Manager of Croí na Gaillimhe explains “that all our tutors are volunteers who bring enthusiasm, energy and an eagerness to facilitate which has proved very positive and successful.”

“We cater for people’s creative side by providing classes in creative writing and art. A participant contends said that it is a weekly treat to come into the centre, a lovely setting with the water surrounding the building which inspires our creativity”.

“People’s physical needs are met by line dancing classes made famous by Maureen who incorporates traditional, modern and folk. She said “It’s like strictly come dancing with a Latin Swing”. For those who prefer to go at a slower phase we have Movement and Relaxation Courses.”

“The work of the centre involves both older and younger people, the centre is piloting a community model of Integenerational Learning called “Living Scenes” in collaboration with NUI Galway and Galway Community College, Moneenageisha.

The project is assisted by the Maureen O’Connell Fund of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.



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