Crowe calls on Government to address job losses in Galway

The loss of 85 jobs in Boston Scientific is “a blow to the city”, the Government “must do all it can” to give Galway a “pick up and to stimulate job creation in the city”.

This is the view of Fianna Fáil councillor Ollie Crowe, who has described the loss of 85 managerial, engineering, and HR jobs at Boston Scientific in Galway as a “black day on the jobs front for the city”.

The jobs are set to go in mid-June. Although it is only a small number out of the 3,000 or so people employed by the firm, job losses are always a blow to individuals, their families, and the locality, and especially in time of recession.

Furthermore the lay-offs come in the same week as Pfitzer announced major job losses in Cork and come just three months after Boston Scientific announced 175 full-time and part-time job cuts.

“This is further evidence of the precarious nature of private sector employment at this time,” said Cllr Crowe. “It’s been a terrible week on the jobs front.”

Cllr Crowe said there are some positive signs with Thermo King going back to a five day week, but that it is still hard to see if Ireland is really “turning the corner economically”.

As such, Cllr Crowe is calling on the Minister for Enterprise Batt O’Keeffe to come to Galway to meet with business leaders, employers, the Galway City Council, and local politicians to discuss the jobs situation.

“The number of jobs, 85, is significant,” he said. “In today’s climate every job is important. Every job has a purpose whether it is on the factory floor or in management. We need Minister O’Keeffe to come to Galway and help get things moving.”



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