Feel good at The Kingfisher Club

Recent statistics show that there has been a huge increase in stress-related illness as a result of the current economic climate. When stressed, our bodies become charged with adrenaline and our hearts beat faster; a build-up of stress causes a build-up of hormones which can affect our immune responses, hearts, and nerve tissues that result in our bodies not working to their full capacity causing obesity, as well as many other health ailments.

The award winning Kingfisher Club is launching a new feel good solution to health and fitness at a time when we need to look after our physical and mental health more than ever before, while ensuring we also get value for money. This is why for the month of May, The Kingfisher Club has developed an effective purse saving solution by offering membership from as little as €33 a month!

Here are four ways exercising at the gym can help you feel good about yourself:

Achieve fitness goals

Those of us who tie our self-worth to our work and financial status are at high risk of feeling inadequate during a recession. The gym reminds us that there are other areas in which we can accomplish goals. The purpose built Kingfisher fitness rooms offer a variety of classes to suit all levels of fitness for both men and women.

Work out your mind

Physical activity is a great way to clear away mental cobwebs. Functional and contemporary in design, the Kingfisher Club provides workout areas and changing facilities that reflect its belief in high standards and attention to detail. The Kingfisher Club offers state of the art facilities which also include a thermal suite, some of the same facilities which can be seen at five-star resorts. Members can escape in the aromatic steam room or perhaps relax in the Swedish sauna not to forget the stress busting hydrotherapy pool.

Get with the team

Regular workout classes can even expand your circle of friends. The Kingfisher Club’s class programme is available to both members and non members, therefore making it accessible for people who wish to avail of the extensive classes that are on offer.

Curb cortisol

Have you noticed that you tend to gain more weight when you feel depressed or are under severe stress? Too much stress can cause too much cortisol to circulate in the bloodstream, a condition that has been linked to higher blood pressure and increased belly fat. Steady, moderate, exercise keeps us from feeling the major highs and lows.

To take advantage of the special offers that are on offer this May, call into your local Kingfisher Club today, or visit www.kingfisherclub.com



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