Waist-whittling Powerhoop

The Powerhoop sold out in its thousands Stateside when America’s First Lady Michelle Obama was forthcoming with her admiration for the fitness product late last year.

Mrs Obama revealed she stays in shape with the help of a Powerhoop and the trend for gyrating your way to fitnss shows no signs of slowing down.

The new Powerhoop is more beneficial than a regular hula hoop as it is specially weighted, so it’s even better at toning your mid section, and whittling down your waist. As a result, you get a cardio and a strength workout, and one minute of hula hooping can burn as many calories as running an eight-minute mile.

Powerhoops are effective in strengthening core muscles in the stomach and lower back. Regular use of the Powerhoop provides users with weight loss/ calorie burn, reduced lower back pain, slimmer waistlines, and improved co-ordination. It is a padded hoop that can be dismantled for storage and is easily assembled.

Powerhoop exercise classes are now being launched throughout Ireland and the UK, using the unique and patented Powerhoop weighted hula hoop.

Group classes are being held in an increasing number of gyms and European health clubs.

For more information on the Powerhoop visit www.powerhoop.ie To order call Powerhoop Ireland on (087 ) 9712329



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