Save water with a new suite

In a typical household, 35 to 45 per cent of all household potable waste is flushed down the toilet. Most systems use the same volume of water regardless of the type of waste to be removed from the toilet.

Shires believes it is important for everyone to do more to save water, both to protect our world’s natural resources and to lower the economic impact of wasteful water usage. Shires’ new Corvo pan and cistern, which flushes on four litres rather than the standard cistern which flushes on six litres, is a prime example of this move. With water saving set to become an even greater issue for the Irish industry, the Corvo toilet is the ideal solution resulting in significant water savings without sacrificing performance.

The new Corvo suite from Shires is also a great option for any contemporary bathroom with a combination of chunky curves and gently sloping edges.

The Corvo suite benefits from a range of 16 pieces, making it one of Shires’ most versatile bathroom suites. Combining minimalist thinking with detailed planning, the collection gives scope for infinite variable layouts. Its oval styling creates a real wow factor and fits effortlessly into all bathroom settings.

Available at Shires stockists nationwide.



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