Not Squares and The Cast Of Cheers @ Róisín Dubh

Not Squares.

Not Squares.

NOT SQUARES and The Cast of Cheers, two genuinely exciting emerging Irish bands, play Strange Brew at the Róisín Dubh on Thursday May 6 at 9pm.

Belfast’s Not Squares are a three piece featuring two bass guitarists, who also play synths, and a drummer. Their music mixes furious techno/dance beats, with aggressive post rock riffs, and call and response vocals. The songs are rhythmically orientated and minimalist, and live the trio pack quite a punch, with an energy that does not let up throughout their set.

Much the same could be said of The Cast Of Cheers who played an incendiary and jaw dropping support slot to Lost Chord in the Róisín a couple of months ago.

The Dublin quartet play post-rock styled songs that are loud, fast, heavy. The intricate, dualling, guitar riffs of Conor and Neill, underpinned by the equally dextrous bass playing of John and the pile driving drumming of Kev, make for a live music experience that is high on skill, energy, ferocity, and raw power.

Nor to be missed.

Admission is free. Gugai will be DJing afterwards.



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