Believe it and achieve it this spring

With so much emphasis on the importance of regular physical activity these days, we are more aware of the benefits of exercise than we have ever been. The Kingfisher Club can assist you in making exercise not only purse friendly, with membership starting from as little as €9 per week, it has also introduced a special welcome pack worth some €200 that will help kickstart your fitness regime. The fitness starter pack is available to the first 50 new members that sign up during April to avail of free classes and personal training, so no more excuses!

By taking a closer look at the barriers that keep us glued to our couches, there is help for anyone out there who is struggling to overcome them!

Choose something you enjoy, whether it is a Kingfisher Zumba dance class, a kickboxing session, or having an experienced, highly qualified, instructor provide you with a programme tailored to your individual likes and dislikes. By ensuring you vary your exercise routine you will avoid taking part in the same activity every day. For example, your training programme may see you doing Monday night cardio sculpt class, Wednesday night a few laps of the pool, and Friday afternoon a kickboxing class. This way, your mind stays motivated and your body remains challenged.

To take advantage of the €200 fitness starter pack offer call your local Kingfisher Club, visit, or call to the open day today (Thursday ).

The fitness pack is available to the first 50 new members in each club.



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